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WFHC 29A-2

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Features & Specifications:
1) High Back - Mesh Chair (Adjustable Headrest)
2) Adjustable Armrests (Flip up 90 Degrees)
3) Adjustable Lumbar Support
4) Center Tilt Mechanism
5) One-point Locking & Tilt Tension Control
6) Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
8) Revolving Nylon Base (BIFMA CERTIFIED)
9) PU Castors
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Home Environment is different from Office. Biggest differentiating factor about office is that you have your own assigned workspace and sitting on your Worktable keeps you focused towards your work. While at home you are moving from one place to other with your laptop in your hand, sitting in front of TV watching Netflix or lying on bed with regular power naps in between. We offer personal and extendable workplaces to accommodate the needs of every executive. A sleek desk provides space for crucial decision making and pertinent planning. our company has designed it for you after working hard so that you can do this Work From Home with our DIY furniture Kit. We possess the power of customization, flexibility and adaptability to create an aura of your brand identity at your workplace.

 Minimum Chair Height + Headrest Adjust 1130+50 ±10mm
Maximum Chair Height + Headrest Adjust 1190+50 ±10mm
 Chair Depth 510±10mm
 Seat Depth 500±10mm
 Chair Width 630±10mm
 Seat Width 500±10mm
 Minimum Seat Height  440±10mm
 Maximum Seat Height 520±10mm
 Arm Rest Height  210mm
 Backrest Height From Seat + Headrest Adjust 710+50 ±10mm

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